Our parish family is a wonderful mix of people from a wide range of ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds.

We try our best to look out for each other, care for our neighbours and friends, and we endeavour to reflect the love of Christ in our lives.

We try to make everyone feel as welcome as possible when they come to our church.

We seek to look beyond our walls to engage with our local and global communities.

Music is a vital part of our worship. We are very fortunate to have a talented and creative director of music and an enthusiastic and experienced choir.

The Eucharist is at the heart of our worship in the modern catholic tradition.

Teaching is an especially important element of our Sunday morning service.

We like to be challenged and uplifted through the words of the sermon.

Covid 19 Update

The church and hall are open for services and available for hire.

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For any enquiries during the period of Interregnum, pls contact the Wardens via email wardens@stjohnschurchfriernbarnet.org

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